What Students are Saying about Work From Home Network

"My name is Randy and I live in Beaufort S.C. My story isn’t all that much different than anyone else… I worked in the work force since I was 15 yrs old. I’m 50 years old now. Three years ago I hurt my back and was told recently that I would not be able to return to my old line of work as a heating and A/C serviceman and was recommended for a sit down job. That meant sitting all day and answering a phone making less money than my bills. Faced with losing everything that I’ve worked for, I had some fast decisions to make. One that I made was to learn about working from home on my computer. But I hadn’t a clue as to where to begin. I decided to give Work From Home Network a try, and I’m glad I did.

"Work From Home Network didn’t promise to make me rich or anything like that, but they did offer me the knowledge and tools that I would need to be successful on my way to not only making ends meet, but to gain financial freedom. I’ve made over $16,000 profit in my first month. I had only 3 coaching sessions at that point. Work From Home Network’s simple and straight forward approach to teaching you what you have to know is something anyone can get a grasp on. After all, I quit school in the 9th grade. I've never run an online business before, and before working with Work From Home Network, had never sold anything on eBay. So if I can do it, so can you. From the individual coaching, to the online Webinars, which can be replayed over and over again…they have taught me what I needed to gain my financial freedom. And there’s still a lot to learn ahead of me.

"Work From Home Network is, and has been, an asset and not a liability. A liability is something that cost you money. Like buying a new car, stereo, or anything that doesn’t make you money. An asset is something that makes you money. Like a business. The investment I’ve made for my future by becoming a student at Work From Home Network is an asset that will give me returns for the rest of my life. So if you are serious about gaining financial freedom, all from the comfort of your own home, can devote at least two hours a day to being successful, then you too should talk to the people at Work From Home Network.

"In closing, I am not a paid actor, nor do I work for Work From Home Network. I’m just a student like many others. If you aren’t successful online and are working 40 or more hours a week to do it all over again every week, you need this. You’ll be glad you did. I am. Thank you Work From Home Network. I'm free at last."

4 Months later: “Things couldn't be better at this time. We are doing better with the website than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams… top of the search engines after I learned how to do my own SEO, and profits are off the charts.

“We have done over $236,000 world wide in profit. We buy bulk from over seas and sell wholesale as well as retail. We also provide drop shipping. We have over 800 distributors that sell our products for us. We also picked up a few national chains that sell several of our products. So all in all, I'd say that things are going great.

“We also continue to sell on eBay and have made a profit of over $132,000 on eBay. So combining our website and eBay sales we have made over $368,000 in profit over the last 5 months.

“We have several businesses that are waiting on our release that we estimate that it will rival our first business in the first quarter. With all that said, I close and thank you all for the training from Work From Home Network. Back to it now.”

3 Months later: “For whatever reason you have decided to work at home, or take part in internet marketing, you will soon learn that you will need the Knowledge to make it happen. Unlike the movie Field of Dreams, which suggest, "If you build it, they will come,” that just isn't true. Unless you build it right. Lacking the knowledge to market your product or business will cost you money. Not make you money. You could learn it all alone. You could also spend countless hours guessing too. That’s where I was a few months ago. Now I have a top rated website that I did myself, with the knowledge and training that I received at Applied Knowledge Institute.

“The training is right on target and the coaches are not only helpful, but driven to help to achieve your goals. Did you get one of those quick websites built in hopes that people would flock to your door and beg to give you their money, but you can't be found on the internet without typing in your website address? OUCH !!. Happened to me too. I listened to the seminars and listened to each word. Then I researched each word one at a time. It’s hard work. It also paid off big time. Almost a year later and almost $1,000,000 later I will tell you this: I’m not the average student. I quit school in the 9th grade. If I can do it, you can do it.

“So I must have a special company or product right? HA. I sell and make Soy Wax Candles. What makes me different than the rest? S.E.O. And I learned it at Work From Home Network. Did I need a license? I found that answer at Work From Home Network too. Not only what kind, but how and where to go to get them. Work From Home Network not only saved me time in learning what I needed to know to be an internet success, they also saved me money. I started making money the same very day that I joined and started with the program. The real question isn't can you afford to take part in the program, but rather…can you afford not to?”

--Randy C., Beaufort, SC

“Since I signed up and it is just my second coaching session, I have made a profit of $1,147.02 by following your instructions and the webinars. I believe this is going to be a very profitable adventure, Thanks to Work From Home Network.“

--Wesley R., Stevenson Ranch, CA

“I am a stay at home Mom. My husband hooked up his old computer and showed me how to email somebody because I had no clue about how to use a computer. So I played around and learned how to search around a bit and shop. Times were really getting tough money wise and I was trying to figure out how to make some money at home. I searched around on the computer looking for ways and came across some so called "work at home" jobs or should I say scams! I can't even begin to tell you how much money I was scammed out of. I really don't understand how people can rip off other people and still sleep at night, but that's a whole other story!

“One day I came across eBay, I was looking for a doll carriage for my daughter for Christmas and Googled it and sure enough it came up on eBay. Once I was on there, I was hooked! I started selling my own things, and then I found out about dropshippers. This is a whole new world of opportunities! I found Doba, a fabulous dropshipping company, and started listing their products on eBay to sell.

“This is where it gets interesting! I got a phone call one day from Work From Home Network. My first thoughts, I thought for sure it was another scam, and it sounded too good to be true! I spoke to my husband about it that night and he thought the same as me, scam. I got another phone call about a week later from Work From Home Network and I started thinking that this really didn't sound like a scam after all. They called back the following day and explained the whole thing again to my husband and I, now we were convinced to take the chance. I am soooo glad we did!!!

“I am 5 months into the course and I can't believe all that I have accomplished. I have a fabulous website now that's doing really well, I'm running my own business, I'm making money, I'm even doing my own spreadsheets. I never could've done this on my own. I have a wonderful coach who taught me everything! Sometimes I felt sorry for her, I would send her about 15-20 emails a day asking her to explain things. When I started I didn't even know how to copy & paste something!!! She was always there to help. I still have a lot to learn and I am looking forward to that. This course literally changed my life, obviously for the better, and it was worth every penny!

“If there is anyone out there debating if you should do this or not, or if you could do this or not, the answer is, you could and you should!

“For the first time in my life, I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! and so is my family! That's the best part of it all! Forever Grateful and Thankful!!!”

--Veronica R., Mastic Beach, NY

“My eBay success: Last week I sold over $2000 on eBay. This was from items that I bought from eBay in the past. I bought lot sales and divided them up in small lot sales. Some were items that I bought from eBay and they where not listed right, so I put better key words in and listed them and made a profit. The information I learned from Work From Home Network helped motivate me.”

--Chuck L., Welland, Ontario, Canada

“I have been a Police Officer for 6 years. I woke up on my 39th birthday and realized I was not getting any younger and I definitely was not getting any richer. Now don’t get me wrong I love being a Police Officer due to my love of helping others in so many different ways but have you seen a Police Officer’s pay scale.

“Before I was a Police Officer I worked in a rock quarry for 16 years and after 15 years I decided that was a dead end carrier too. So I started looking into owning my own business. I got with a brother in-law and started up a little business fixing vacuum cleaners. I made a little money but the overhead of the store took most of what we made. I got tired of working 10 hours a day and coming home and putting in another 5 hours a night for little or no money so I sold my share to my brother in-law and didn’t make anything.

“I looked into owning a mini-mart or a small grocery store. But the overhead of owning the building plus the produce I didn’t see how I would make any money in the next 10 years.

“So here I am. I started researching internet businesses. I looked at everything and everything again. I bought the Michael Vincent book and I liked what I read. I received a call from Work From Home Network and I liked what I heard. I researched everything I was told and everything was true. Everything that has been promised to me so far has been produced. I listened to the webinars and I have done exactly what my coach told me to do and on my second day of eBay listings I had $2,148 in sales in one day.

“I haven’t even built my website yet. Are you kidding me? Sorry that’s what I keep hearing from my wife in the background when another sale comes in and as she plans our vacation next month. It has gone from Branson Missouri to Las Vegas to Cancun, so far!

“Well I think this is just the beginning of something a lot bigger and I hope an early retirement as well.”

--Troy S., Hardin, MO

“You will be proud, my sales this week is over $4,796.00 on eBay and I get paid almost immediately. I have sold a few Alienware from Dell. I have one person whom lives in the United Kingdom and they want to order 15 from me. This will be over a $28,900.00 order and that is just my cost.”

--Christine S., Kansas City, MO

“I want to tell you what a difference your course and my coach have made in my life.

“To give you some background - prior to joining Work From Home Network, I had spent $40,000 on coaching and internet marketing programs in the past. My web site never got set up and all I did was loose a lot of money. This was all before I received a call from Work From Home Network (AKI) and signed up.

“I cannot tell you what a wonderful difference Work From Home Network has made in my life. I was a bit intimidated by eBay - I had never bought anything on there let alone sell anything - it looked too complicated. I was assured AKI would make a difference. You held true to your promise! My coach contacted me and had me start studying your information - which I did. I still felt a little intimidated, but my coach got me started, and I have not looked back. I have been working with selling items on eBay now for about a month and a half. At first I didn't think I would make any money, but YAHOOOO! In the last month I have made over $1,000 - after all my eBay and PayPal fees!

“I could not have done this if it had not been for my coach and his guidance. I am sure he had a rough time with me, but he persisted, and so did I. I made my husband clear out the storage area above our 30x40 spare garage where we had stored things from our parents who have since passed on, and tons of fishing equipment from when he use to own a store. I started listing 4 - 5 items a week - clothing and inexpensive items to get the feel for eBay as my coach had suggested. My coach wanted me to get at least 10 positive feedbacks - which when I started felt almost impossible.

“Then my learning curve started to take hold and in November I started listing fishing tackle - fishing reels to be exact. I am female, but feel quite comfortable with fishing because I use to sell rods and reels for Abu-Garcia back in the early 80's, and can talk the ‘language.’ I am even selling internationally. I just shipped a reel off to Japan - and didn't find it difficult at all. I just kept watching the webinars and following the advice both they and my coach gave me. I am making extra money now, and more quickly than I had in the beginning. I am so excited!

“My coach and I discussed this our last coaching session and he walked me through working with Wholesalematch.com because I just was not getting the hang of that part. We worked with Sporting Goods, Camping, etc. I finally realized - with my coach’s help, what I would like to sell on my future website with you, and how to go about signing up or registering with those drop shippers. I feel a whole new world has opened up to me and I can make a profit. My coach is a positive thinker and wants me to find items where I can make at least $50 profit per item. So that is what I will be doing till our next coaching session - finding product and noting where I can find it again. Thank you so much Work From Home Network!”

--Rensi S., Morris, IL

“I just wanted to give you a quick update on how it's been going for me since I registered with you guys. I have been a member at Work From Home Network for a little over 5 weeks now and every thing is going just fine. In fact, things are improving every week!

“What I did is I started listing mostly personal stuff that I wanted to get rid of on eBay and so far, up to December 6th I have made a profit of just a little over $1,000 and I only started the listings about 3 and a half to 4 weeks ago. I sold 21 out of the 40 items I listed. 38 were personal items and only 2 out of the items I listed were from wholesalematch.com and 1 out of the 2 sold.

“Here's what I sold so far:
3 - DVD Collections
1- 7' Christmas Tree
7- Coleco Games (Sold 2 individually and the rest as a pack) 
1- Leather like Boy Jacket
4- Different Computer Parts from my old computer
2- PS3 Games
2- Kids Toy (Remote controlled Dinosaur and Toddler Train Track)
1- Cell phone
1- Car Radio/CD Player
1- Set of 2 Wireless Home Phones and
1- Lord of the Ring Book including all 3 Lord of the Ring Novels
The wholesalematch.com item was a Kodak Pocket Video Camera.

“I have to say that the coach calls are helping me a lot and the fact that whenever I'm stuck with a problem knowing that I can call you guys and that someone will be there to help me with this particular problem is also very helpful because I'm not wasting time with this problem and having to wait the next coach call to have my questions answered. I just have to call you guys, have my questions answered and after that I already can move on to the next step. This is just great because I don't get discourage by bugging on a problem and not being able to move forward.

“Thank you so much for all your support up to now, and continue to do so because I'm not stopping there! In fact I registered with you guys to make it a business. I have been dreaming of working from home for a couple of years now because I can be there for my 2 children and since I'm pregnant and I'm expecting a 3rd one for the beginning or 2010 it's going to be all the more important for me to stay home with the children and the baby.

“So keep up your good work, I'm going to be doing the same on my part to make this business grow and I'm going to be looking forward to getting more tricks and good advices from you guys! Thank you so much!!”

--Marielle C., Dalhousie, NB Canada

“I started in this industry knowing nothing about computers or the internet. More quickly than I could have ever guessed I was selling items on the internet using eBay and classified ads. In the first 2 weeks I had already made $1,500! Next thing I knew I had made it to an eBay Powerseller and was making a solid $4,000 a month from eBay. This was only the beginning and I soon saw much more potential for more money to be made.

“I decided to take on new challenges and explore more of my options, since then I have built my own website and had a lot of success running that. Totaling close to $2,500 a week in sales my website, www.excellsupplements.com, is running strong selling dietary supplements.

“Although running my own business is stressful at times I have never enjoyed going to work more. Combining efforts on eBay and my website allows me to never be stuck to one type of work and I have truly found something I care about and love to do.”

--Josh H., Provo, UT

“We are working with a great coach from Work From Home Network and she is a pleasure to work with. Her weekly calls are coaching us to go in the right direction to make this business successful. We're selling more now on eBay and from our website then we did before on our own now that were learning. We're not where we want to be yet but we aren't where we once were before either. The support from Work From Home Network is TERRIFIC.”

--Yvonne and Glen P., Dalzell, SC

“Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I made my first sale today! Marketing is progressing and I'm getting around 80-100 hits daily. I'm working on AdSense setup right now, and keeping up with my blog. I've had calls about people wanting to sell me an RSS package for $500 with total integration on all my blogs, sites, twitter, etc. Thanks so much for all your help!”

--Andrea M., Yellville, AR

“I don't even know where to begin! January 2009 I was in a lot of credit card debt, I didn't know what to do, I was stressed all the time, wasn't able to provide for my family, and on top of all that I was close to losing my home. I had pretty much given up hope and was ready to file for bankruptcy. A couple of days later I heard from a gentleman named John, he told me that he could help me get out debt, keep my house, and even make some extra money...all from home! I of course thought this was too good to be true, but after deep thought and consideration I signed up for Work From Home Network’s program.

“I started selling items around my house and realized how much 'junk' I thought I had was actually quite valuable to others! I sold a purse for $850! Right now I am still working on getting my website to the point where I can depend on it fully as a source of income, but I am selling so much on eBay. I go to auctions, garage sales, shows, and purchase wholesale lots. It's so much fun to see my little business grow larger and larger! I am going to be working on purchasing a storage space soon so I can hold my own inventory! I am now able to pay off my bills and I even took my first vacation in years last week. I am so happy with my coach and her experience, she is so kind and patient with me. I know that she is knowledgeable and wants my success as much as I do. Thanks Work From Home Network!”

--Rebecca G., Los Angeles, CA

“You are a genius!!!! I already sold one of the phones off the listing I just posted a couple hours ago, thanks to you! It sold for the Buy It Now price of $99.99! That's the most I have sold one of these phones for so far! I have already posted the listing again. Thanks Work From Home Network.”

--Becky W., San Antonio, TX

“I hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! I just thought I'd let you know where I netted out for the business thus far. I had sales of $17,700 with cost of goods around $12,500, so profit on merchandise was $5,200. This makes my net markup for products a 30% margin.

“My marketing costs (Google, Yahoo etc) were $1,800 and I spent another $800 on operating costs like hosting, credit card process fees etc. So net it looks like I cleared about $2,600.”

--Tim F., Laguna Hills, CA

“I would like to thank Work From Home Network for a new chance to begin my life again. I have been on disability since 2004 and have had to learn to live on a very low, fixed income. I was not able to do a lot of things for my children because of fixed income. Now I have a chance to resume the life style that my family used to know and live.

“I signed up with the Work From Home Network a little over a year ago. At first I was very hesitant to start the program because of my limited computer and internet skills, but when my personal consultant called me for our welcome call I knew I was in good hands. He was able to show me how to start making money within my first week of starting the program! Because of the personal one-on-one training that I received, I never felt like I was doing this alone. Although, my coach never told me what to sell, he did teach me how to research products and how to market them in such a way that I could go above and beyond my competition.

“I now have a website that is very successful and that has 3 keyword phrases that are ranked first on Google! Now, my website didn't get that way over-night, but with a lot of hard work and help from my personal consultant, I am now making enough for me and my family to live very comfortably.

“I recommend Work From Home Network to anyone that is need of starting over in life like myself, or maybe just needs to supplement their current income. Thanks Work From Home Network!!!!”

--Dan W., Idaho Falls, ID

“I just had to tell you that I Googled my site this morning and I am on page 2!!!!!! WOW!!! Can you believe it? I am very happy about this, however did I manage it. Check it out, under backpacking, camping, hunting… Yahoo!!!!! And thanks for the great coaching Work From Home Network. I know I couldn't have done it without you.”

--Cathleen S., Missoula, MT

“We made our first international sale from eBay and sold around 400.00 worth of stuff last week. Thanks Work From Home Network.”

--Christine S., Kansas City, MO

“It has been only three short weeks since I signed with Work From Home Network but in that time I have learned so much! Buying and selling on eBay, registering MY OWN BUSINESS, obtaining an EIN #, and setting up my own website…I can hardly believe I've accomplished all this. Sometimes I do feel somewhat overwhelmed but then I remember that help is just a phone call or email away, and the response from the support team is always prompt and helpful. The curriculum and webinars on the website are extremely helpful also. What I like about the webinars is that if you miss the live session they are recorded so you can go back anytime and replay them.

“I'd recommend Work From Home Network to anyone and everyone! The people that are involved with the program, from the owner to the consultants to the whole support team, secretaries and phone operators, are very knowledgeable and friendly and willing to help you in any way they can. I am sure that with this kind of support I cannot help but succeed with my business adventure!”

--Teresa A., Montoursville, PA

“I am proud to be with Work From Home Network. My coach is a fantastic coach. When I had problems, he was right there for me. When I felt like nothing was ever going to be right, he got me back on track and kept me on track. He was, as they say, very user friendly. I could not have done it without him. I am 53 years old. I am dyslexic and have ADD. I have a 10th grade education. My coach took me by the hand and led me through the steps with the greatest patients I have ever seen.

“I was with a different internet coaching program before this. It cost me a fortune and I never finished my website with them. I moved it to Work From Home Network and now it is up and running. Work From Home Network has called me every week keeping me on track. My coach answered all my questions on the phone and by email.

“Work From Home Network has an A+ rating with the BBB and they are the best at getting you up and running. They do exactly what they say they will do. I highly recommend them over any other coaching service out there. Believe me, I have been to a lot of them and have paid for it dearly. This is the best training program and the only program you will ever need to learn how to make your own website.

“Thank you, Work From Home Network. You are the best.”

--Sheryl A., El Reno, OK

“I have to thank Work From Home Network for all the advice. I started on eBay back in July or 2009. My feedback score is 145 positive. The way I work is research the items on eBay first than look for a suppliers. I find items that sell on eBay; all items I sell must have a 50% markup. Then I order the items from websites that sell in bulk. I order the last 100 unites that they have. I listed some as auction format and some as buy it now price. I beat the competition by adding free gifts that cost me $1 each.

“I made with this product alone $1000 after all expenses and eBay s fees. Work From Home Network gave me the tools to search eBay the right way. I am working hard to become a Power Seller on eBay.”

10 days later: “Hi this is Elias wishing you a very happy holiday to you and your family. I got an early Christmas gift from eBay. I am now an eBay Power Seller thanks to you. Without you I could not have done it.”

--Elias M., Chicago, IL

“I have been enrolled with Work From Home Network for a little over three months now. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect-but I was pleased to find that my coach was very helpful and not at all "pushy". Each week she had assignments for me to complete and any time I had a question I just sent her an e-mail, which she promptly responded to. I appreciate that she was timely with our scheduled calls and that she didn't waste time getting right down to business.

"All of the information I have received has been valuable and I have been able to implement it without too much trouble. I've also enjoyed the webinars. I have listened to just about all of them, some more than once. I feel that I have a good start on my internet business and would certainly not be where I am now if not for Work From Home Network. Thank you!”

-- Amy B., Bernville, PA

“My Work From Home Network coach has been teaching me about my website things that I would never have thought of on my own, and as a result my page ranking has improved in three categories on the first page. I give my coach an excellent rating. He has gone out of his way to help me with tasks that I didn't understand and emails me back when I did do the tasks with more instructions. In my opinion he is top man in his field. Thanks for your help.”

--James A., Oak Ridge, LA

“I finally found the time to sit down and write a testimonial about Work From Home Network. The things I found that have sold for me was Beer signs and Longaberger baskets, which I have plenty of. I sold my first two dropshipper items just the other day and they were the UGG Boots and a hunting Gambrel from Green Supply. The last couple of weeks have been a little slow, but prior to that I was selling around $1,000 a week with my beer signs and longaberger baskets. I know it takes time to become established and I now have a 45 positive eBay feedback marked at the end of my name. Thanks.”

--Deb M., Swartzcreek, MI

“Just got the last of my feedback from my sales. I was really impressed with the items I put on eBay for sale. I just picked up a few things from my home and made a whopping $212 dollars in about 3-5 days.

“I have figured it out. If I can make that by listing items I have at home, just think what I can do by advertising and posting on eBay for someone else. For all the ones that don't think it will work, well think again because it does really work.

“I'm still trying to find things at home to sell just so I don't have to pull it all out for a yard sale. I have also got with Doba and posted some of their items on eBay and even opened and eBay Store.

“Christmas is just around the corner and I am letting the money I make stay in my PayPal account until Christmas is almost here then I will have the money to pay for the layaways. I just can't thank Work From Home Network enough for helping me to get to where I am. Thanks again all my mentors at Work From Home Network.”

--Leslie J., Conowingo, MD

“Just wanted to let you know that I made my first sale from my newly launched website. My coach has taught me a lot throughout the last 2 months. From knowing basically nothing to where I am now is incredible. I owe that to my coach and his fantastic coaching skills and his positive attitude. I am looking forward to continuing my coaching sessions with Work From Home Network and becoming a strong presence on the internet in my niche. Thank you for your time.”

--Rob S., Big Pool, MD

“A few weeks ago I made a commitment to myself. A commitment to build a business on the internet. I am not there yet, however, I am on my way. Most of my listings on eBay have sold with a nice profit. The items that I've sold include lady's handbags, inline skates, photographs and my bank account has grown by approximately $300.00. Of course, this is just the beginning!”

--Ann C., Hanover, PA

“I would first like to share with you my experience with our mentor. We are anticipating that we will go live after next weeks test of the merchant account etc. Our coach has been an exceptional mentor and we are so pleased with his response time to issues and questions. If I e-mail him, I usually receive a response within fifteen minutes…if not sooner. This is world class customer service at it's best. Just wanted let you know. Overall this is a great program, a wonderful learning experience, and our coach is one of the best.”

--Jerry T., Chandler, AZ

“I joined the Work From Home Network here a couple months ago. I worked very hard trying to find a product and researching suppliers and just felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. I’m new to all of this - though I have been looking into marketing for a while now. I knew it wasn't something I could do alone. After I started getting coached by Work From Home Network things started to fall into place. I know there is a lot more work to be done, but I feel so much better about this business now. I just want to thank my coach for his help thus far and I’m looking forward to working with him more in the weeks to come.

“Just a little background on myself. I just lost my job of 13 years. So when I decided to invest in this program I felt very skeptical, but I knew I needed to do something different in my life to try and get financial independence. My hopes are that this program will help me do just that.

“The next step that my coach and I are at is putting together my webpage. I have never done this, but feel that he will make it easy. Please let him know that he is appreciated for the job he is doing. Thanks again.”

--Terry M., Timmonsville, SC

“I was selling an item on eBay and received an email from this person from an international location. He wanted to know if I could get him two of the product I was selling. I advised him I could. He paid through PayPal and I sent him the two products. He liked the product and the service. Since that time we have set up quite a relationship. He checks out my Work From Home Network website and advises me what he wants, I check it out and give him the best price I can find.

“Evidentially the word is spreading there because I have received an order from another person. This could lead into something great. A lot of help came from my coach who guided me in building my website, how to manage and promote it, and where to look for drop shippers and wholesalers. This has helped me in dealing with this customer and getting him the products he desires. I thank her and Work From Home Network for the instruction and help given me.”

--Wesley R., Stevenson Ranch, CA

“I just wanted to let you know that I sold my first ever item on eBay!!! I think it is a great start! Also, I just looked at my feedback detail and I received positive feedback from the buyer stating: Very nice sweater! Quick shipping! Great seller!!! I am very excited.

“Since joining forces with Work From Home Network I am not only learning how to sell items on eBay but am also in the process of setting up my own website to sell product that really interest me. Thanks for your mentoring, advice and patience! I really appreciate it.”

--Kathleen H., Lockport, NY

“Thanks so much for all the help I am receiving from Work From Home Network. I think I have found my niche and my coach is helping me research that plus work on an internet site. He has been great. Although I look at the process as similar to when I was in nurses training -see one, do one, teach one- it will be a long time to teach one. The other phases are going well.

“As soon as my teleconference with my coach ended, I checked my emails to learn that I had sold another Canon camera via eBay. My third plus 4 Dremmels. Makes my day. Just thought you would like to know about my simple successes so far. Onward and upward.”

--Etta G., Pearland, TX

“I have been very impressed with help that I have been given. I really feel that Work From Home Network really has a great program set up to help people like me to get set up right and to get going. Thank you.”

--Eugene B., Carson, WA

“Just wanted to let you know that we made our first sale on E-Bay!!!! It was a pair of Women's Biker boots that belonged to our daughter. Of course, it wasn't a huge sale, only $34.99 but it was very exciting to us! We have never sold on E-Bay before. With the help of our coach we were able to list 3 items and this was one of the 3 that sold. We feel that we have learned a lot in a short time following your program. We are looking forward to learning more each day and making a lot more money in the process!”

--Marie & Gary K.. Jamison, PA

“Happy New Years! I just wanted to let you know how everything has been going. I have sold 3 LCD HDTV and 1 smart phone. I now have $975 in my PayPal account, which is after everyone has paid and all the fees have been deducted. Not to bad. I think eBay is going to work out.

“Presently, I am in the process of getting my resale license, incorporation papers or tax identification in order to sell correctly. As soon as I receive this I will inform you so we can begin forming the internet eBay store.”

--Ana R., Key Biscayne, FL

“I'm a 60-year old woman with a 9th grade education and a lot of bills that need to be paid. I have been working with Work From Home Network and they have helped me to make $427 last month and $524 so far this month (I’m just one week into the month) on eBay selling things laying around the house and in my husbands garage. I hope I can continue to make progress, as my coach wants me to. It’s a lot to learn but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. Thanks Work From Home Network.”

--Sandy N., Gettysburg, PA

“I want to tell you thank you for assigning me to an excellent mentor. He has been incredible! We can communicate, he answers e-mails promptly, listens to my questions, gives understandable answers, and offers examples that are so enlightening. My coach has offered me tools for evaluating my choices for my website and methods to analyze every step in the website development. Because of my coach I am feeling very hopeful about the prospect for having a successful website. The new site should be launched within the next couple of weeks; comments from business associates and family have been very positive about the design of the new site. Please give my coach a pat on the back for going out of his way to do a great job of teaching.”

--Glenda R., Odenville, AL

“My coach’s method of presenting the information, tools, and how to use them are invaluable. With the knowledge gained since starting the program, I feel confident that our business will be successful. I would also like to mention what a great resource the webinars are and how pleased we are to see all the new categories in the webinar section.” --Paul O., Tollhouse, CA

“Before September of 2009 I knew nothing of internet marketing or how to build a website. I have learned so much in just a few months about so many facets of internet marketing, including buying and selling on eBay and creating a website. Work From Home Network has been a great resource for step-by step training so a person can build a website and then learn how to market that website to be profitable.

“My coach gives me valuable information and answers all my questions. In our phone sessions, we discuss my progress, and he suggests improvements as well as cheers me on when I’m on the right track. My homework assignments are described and also emailed to me, and if I have a problem, I can email my coach or the web-building website and get quick answers and fixes. I have learned, and am still learning, lots of information from the webinars available on the WorkFromHome-Network.com website that cover almost any topic about eBay, website design, and marketing strategies.

“One aspect of Work From Home Network I enjoy is that I can proceed at my own pace. I work part time, so I can’t devote quite as much time to the program as I may like, but it is not stressful. In fact, it is very enjoyable learning this new skill, and I look forward to learning and applying still more internet skills in the very near future.”

--Karen S., Taylor, AZ

“I am writing to thank you my coach from Work From Home Network. From our first conversation I felt at ease. He is a great coach and therefore a valuable employee! He is quite knowledgeable and handles himself professionally, yet friendly. His computer skills are great so his time is well spent. I can tell he has a full schedule, yet he always has the time I need to move forward. At the same time, I never feel rushed by him to move faster than my 'not so good computer brain' can go. He is supportive of my ideas while offering alternative suggestions that might be helpful. I actually feel like a website is being born, that I created and I thank my coach for helping me get there, even though I struggle with computers. In conclusion, I feel my coach genuinely cares if I succeed and is doing his part to help me.”

--Sherryl N., Ukian, CA

“We have made $600 on eBay so far and we are looking forward to getting our own website up and running. Our coach has been an excellent coach!”

--Elliot and Grace S., Richmond, VA

“My Great and Wonderful eBay Experience: Right now I am so excited! I just made $247.50 on eBay! I hadn't done any buying or selling on eBay for a while, so I decided it was time to get ‘back in the game.’ I had a set of four Beatles Dolls that were originally given to me as a gift when the Beatles first hit the scene. With a resurgence in their popularity I decided it was time for them to make a reappearance. (They had been sitting in a box on my closet shelf).

“Using eBay's "what it's worth" feature I tried to see what I could reasonably ask for them. There was nothing to compare them against, so my initial asking price was $15. I decided to go with the auction style listing. This is what is so nice about using eBay: you can choose the format, type of selling (auction, buy it now, etc.) and so many other features to tailor your listing. And I think I made the right choices; you can see what kind of response I got! What makes this deal so sweet is that a few months ago I took the dolls to an appraisal like the ‘Antiques Roadshow’ that you see on TV to see what they would offer for them. They told me the dolls weren't worth anything. But they greatly underestimated the power of the eBay community!

“eBay's buyers and sellers are courteous and honest, and if they are interested in what you have to offer, they really come through for you! And eBay itself is so great to work with. You can't mess things up because every step of the way eBay sends you emails on what to expect or do next. They are full of suggestions, tips, resources and recommendations. The site is safe, secure and fast.

“eBay and Work From Home Network, THANK YOU for a truly exciting experience. You can be sure that I will continue to buy and sell with the eBay community.”

--Teresa A., Montoursville, PA

“August 13th, 2009 was the very first time I’ve ever used E-bay. The only reason I tried it was because I have begun this new business venture with Work From Home Network and part of this adventure is learning more about buying and selling on E-bay. The account set up was absolutely smooth, each step is clear and there are plenty of resources available on E-bay to help get you started.

“My first item was our baby bassinet that is no longer being used because our daughter is 9 months old, it was collecting dust in our room and we have been thinking of getting rid of it for a couple months now. I listed it on E-bay on the 13th of August and after a couple edits and tweaks, it sold. I listed the item for bid starting at $79.99 and to buy now $109.99 (free shipping). The bassinet was bought now at the $109.99 on August 18th, 2009 (I had listed it for the 5 day bid).

“The process: It was a little difficult figuring out an actual starting price to sell, there is a tool on the selling page of E-bay that tells you the approximate price those types of items sell, so that was helpful. Next, figuring out what to do with the shipping was another difficult task, I had no idea how much the bassinet weighed and as far a dimension on the box it would go in (you may as well have spoke French to me), I had no clue. I ended up going with Free Shipping and it ended up costing me $22.97 to ship the item. I made a profit of $87.02 (the bassinet was a gift so we didn’t even pay for it to begin with).

“My overall experience with E-bay was wonderful. It is very easy and smooth. I am looking forward to selling more items on E-bay and have more confidence selling on E-bay now that my first experience was so positive. Thanks so much for helping along on this new adventure.

--LaTosha T., Puyallup, WA

“Through this email I want to thank the support team and my coach for all their good work. My coach I have to say a lot but just in short… He is a wonderful teacher, very dedicated and committed to his passion of teaching and changing many lives. Thanks a lot. I can’t say for others but both of them changed my life at least. Thanks a lot for all the good work.”

--Shama S., Pasadena, CA

ldquo;I am a student of Work From Home Network. I must say I was very skeptical when I signed up in March 2009. But have since been very pleased with the course. I am very glad that I did sign up. I’m learning a lot with the webinars, all the resources and coaches, I think the instructors are very knowledgeable and I enjoy learning from them very much. Thank you, very much.”

--Joseph H., Newark, OH

“In the very short time that I have been involved with Work From Home Network and its affiliates, I have been extremely impressed with each and every person that I have come in contact with.

"I do want to sincerely thank you for assigning my coach to work with me, as I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, intelligent and very passionate about his coaching and his students. He has helped me to choose the vehicle that I want to sell and helped me find 4 drop shippers that I will be contacting shortly to price and choose Wicker Furniture Products that I will be selling on my website.

“Each time I talk to my coach I feel that I am getting closer and closer to the success that is waiting for me with my website and my business. I believe my original time line for getting my business up and running has been rapidly increased due to the help and encouragement that I have gotten from Work From Home Network.

“In my past employment lives I have always been part sales person and part trainer, so I know how to recognize a good one. I intend to become very successful with my website and my business, and Work From Home Network will have played a very large part in my success. So once more I wish to thank you for your help.”

--Don J., Southbridge, MA

“Work From Home Network has really taught me a lot about selling on eBay. I listed some items to be sold and waited. Since I have no prior experience of selling or buying on eBay, I was quite excited when one of my items was being watched by 12 people and at the end of auction I made $43 profit on it! Another item was also being watched – an item that took me by surprise that anyone was even interested in. It too sold for more than I thought it would.

“Not only am I learning about eBay but also learning the ins and outs of a web based business, and this can be overwhelming at times, but taken one step at a time it is so achievable. Work From Home Network has always answered any questions I have at any time. I look forward to having my own website and the income that it will produce. I just want to say that Work From Home Network has lived up to everything that was promised. I never thought that at the age of 59 I would be learning all of this!”

--Francine F., Indian Trail, NC

“Just a short note to document the eBay success I had last week in the sales of my old Herbalife inventory. I successfully sold 11 Weight Loss packages and the remaining package inventory to 12 different buyers in a 72-hour period. I personally attribute this success to the training on how eBay works that I have received from Work From Home Network plus the addition of the Auctiva web sight that you gave me which allowed me to spice up my listings so that they would get noticed.

“The success I had selling these items was a surprise to me for two reasons: 1) How quickly everything sold 2) They were not the lowest price listed for these particular packages on eBay at the time of their sale.

“I would not have been able to make these sales without the knowledge and guidance that you have provided over the last four weeks, for this I humbly thank you.”

--Russ M., Surprise, AZ


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